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        Filling Machine
        NDG-400 Link Fixed Filler
        2018-1-23 15:05:19

        his machine used for sealing meat that can not clip.The structure is piston-rotary spool valve,power is air and Omron PLC control. Spares that touch meat are made of stainless steel. Its features are; high automation,low cost,precision messure and simpleness operation,ect.Dismantle link,it can join to tying machine.

            This machine mostly seal natural and smoke casing that unsuitable clip.

        Main technical target 

        volumn:                    50kg,108kg

        suitable casing:        natural of smoke casing

        Raw material:           mashing meat or below diced meat

        Tube length:             300mm

        Number of link:         0-3(can adjust)

        Work efficiency:       120/min

        Overall dimension:   1130×660×1440mm

        Weight:                      170kg