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        Sealing machine
        GCF Electric Tying Machine For-shaped Clips
        2018-1-30 10:31:21

        GCF Electric Tying Machine For  -shaped Clips is the newest patent product in our company, is the original of our country. Patent number:ZL200720100678.2. Computer aid design and produce, reasonable in structure, easy to clean.

            Unusual driving mode: The machine adopts successive driving mechanism, avoids that the parts grind too early in the cycle of “start in high speed and stop immediately.” At the same time, the machine adopts intermittent driving mechanism

            Advanced controlling system: The machine is a new type equipment with automatic technology, computer technology, communicate technology. Its core is the PLC, servomotor as drive.

            Convenient lubricating system: The machine can oil with hand pump that gain the good lubrication result.

            Unusual manufacture technology: The key parts produced by numerically controlled machine, so it ensures the precision of manufacturing and filling. Special surface treatment, highly wearproof.

             Low maintain cost: The maintain circle of the key parts change to over 2 year from 5-6 month, so the costomer can save most money. 

        Main technical target

        Efficiency             40-120 time/min in reality

        The range of sealing

               a. successive working style casing flat width 40-70 mm

               b. intermittent working stylecasing flat width 60-130 mm

             Adopt clip          the range of 15 and 18

            The length of stretch:   36-100mm ( choose)

            Air pressure        0.50.6 MPa

            Voltage             220V  50Hz

            Total power         3.0KW

            The height of sealing9801050 mm

            Overall dimension   1200×900×1900mm

            Weight             560Kg